Welcome to COCA’s Event Page

For 2023 COCA is welcoming our members to share their upcoming events, socials, job postings, etc.  All member’s flyers should be sent to cmielke@cocainc.com in a pdf form and is subject to approval by COCA Management, once approved, we’ll be happy to post your event on our website. 


COCA’s 2023 Schedule of Events


COCA’s 2023 Work Force Committee – Announced Events

Career Fair April Event

Advisory Board Invitation May Event

Advisory Board Invitation September and October Events


COCA’s 2023 “Member Exclusive” 1st Quarter Meeting (tour at Prairie State Generating Company)


COCA’s 2023 “Member Exclusive” 2nd Quarterly Meeting


COCA’s 2023 “Member Exclusive” 3rd Quarterly Meeting (tour at Wieland’s Brass Mill and Casting Plant)


COCA’s 2023 “Member Exclusive” Sporting Clays @ NILO