COCA Construction Associate membership includes the following benefits: 

  • Network of construction professionals
    • Roundtable discussions
    • Best practice discussions
    • Peer to peer discussions
    • Strategic plan development
  • Aligning cost effective construction with Owners philosophy and resources
    • Tri partite leadership interaction
    • Identifying common goals
    • Streamlining training requirements
    • Common safety goals
    • Select committee participation
    • Educational programming
    • Substance abuse program common to each Owner facility
    • Common orientation training program
    • Workforce development through industry training efforts
    • Industry improvement research
    • Design and guideline development that improve major project delivery
    • Ability to improve productivity through research and education opportunities
    • Opportunity for growth
  • Owner representative networking opportunities
    • Face to face contacts
    • Interaction with Owner representatives at various venues
    • Preferred list of contractors communicated to Owners
    • Direct dialog opportunities between contractor and Owner
    • Program sponsorship opportunities for contractors
    • Relationship development

Q: How does our company become a member?  

Consider becoming a member if:

Your company is considered an Owner/Users in major industrial and utility firms located in Southwestern Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri metro area, who procure significant construction and maintenance services.


Construction Associate members include construction companies, design and engineering firms, equipment and materials suppliers, and firms which provide other services necessary to ensure, safe, well managed, high-quality, cost-effective construction projections in the Owner/Users’ facilities.

An application link for membership is below.

Please contact the COCA office at (618) 288-9434 with questions or email mproost@cocainc.org


Q: Does our company have to be union to be a member?  

No, it’s not a requirement.  Throughout the years, COCA has endured many transitions as have our Owners and Construction Associates.  COCA’s guidelines is to provide membership within the business community for major industrial significant construction and maintenance services, design and engineering firms, suppliers of equipment and materials for local St. Louis Metro area and Southern Illinois Owners. 

Q: What events does COCA host throughout the year?  

COCA host 4 Quarterly Owners and Construction Associates Joint Meetings, 2 major social events and several committee meetings (membership, golf, trap, etc.)

Q: How can individuals get involved or participate on committees?  

As an individual that would like to get involved or participate  on a committee, please reach out to COCA’s Executive Director, Mary Beth Proost at (618) 288-9434 or mproost@cocainc.org

Q: Can individuals or non-member companies attend events?  

Typically, attendance at COCA events is reserved for members.  Non-members may be invited by existing members at the prior approval of COCA’s Executive Director, Mary Beth Proost.  Additionally, and depending on the social event capacity, it is at the discretion of COCA’s Executive Director, Mary Beth Proost if non-members will be allowed to participate.

Q: Can non-member companies or vendors sponsor events?  

Yes, please!  COCA appreciates all of our event sponsors.  It’s will full comprehension that COCA is only successful because of our Owners, Construction Associates and Sponsors.  Therefore, the sponsors are mentioned on our website and at the events or in-person venues.

Q: What is COCA’s cancellation policy regarding events?  

COCA’s Cancellation Policy

All registrations will be treated as a firm commitment and are non-refundable unless we are able to fill your vacancy with another participant.  As always, substitutions are welcome at any time.

In the event course management would close the golf course because of poor weather, we will be given a rain date.  host 4 Quarterly Owners and Construction Associates Joint Meetings, 2 major social events and several committee meetings (membership, golf, trap, etc.)

Q: What if I need to change or cancel my paid order?  

If a change or cancellation is required, please contact the COCA office at: (618) 288-9434 or cmielke@cocainc.org